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About Liz

Born and raised in Campbell River, Liz's roots are deeply embedded in the breathtaking landscapes of Vancouver Island. Her journey into photography began during her teenage years and was sparked by a appreciation for the beauty that surrounded her.

Post-high school, Liz made a move from her beloved Province of British Columbia to Ontario, enrolling at The Art Institute of Toronto to refine her creative talents and nurture her love for the arts.

Following a nomadic phase, with time spent in Toronto, Waterloo, Victoria, Williams Lake, Prince George, and Fort St John, Liz has circled back to her cherished hometown of Campbell River.

About Whisky Jack Studios

With a love of all things wedding, Liz created Whisky Jack Studios in 2011.

In its early years, Whisky Jack Studios primarily focused on on-location photography services, specializing in capturing weddings, families, couples, and individual portraits. Liz loved the unique challenges of by on-location shoots, using them as opportunities to refine both her creative and technical skills.

After a 13-year journey of on-location photography, Liz found a space that allowed her to establish a dedicated studio. This moment marked the expansion of Whisky Jack Studios' offerings to include studio portraits and the intimate artistry of boudoir photography.


Let's talk

Liz Jacques

Tel: 250.552.9585


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